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New slide show to promote Isle of Man

MBC is creating a library of slides of interesting facts about the Isle of Man. The Island is well known as an international business centre but there are a wide range of elements that go to make up the whole and some of the interesting facts included in the library help demonstrate the wide interests, connections and levels of expertise to be found on the Island.

9 golf course on IOM
Anemone - by Andy North
Cyber Security Event

Cyber Security Event Review

Flights to London City A close shave, but we must now "use it or lose it"
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9 golf course on IOM

Developing business
on, from and through the Isle of Man since 1993.

MBC helps you understand the Isle of Man so that you can minimise costs and maximise the opportunities the Isle of Man has to offer.


Manx eGaming Association Report 2015 - eGaming on the Isle of Man

John Webster, Chairman, Manx eGaming Association

04 June 2015


Manx Flight Support Group - Air Fares

John Webster, Chairman, Manx Business Connection

13 October 2014


Flights to London City - a close shave, but we must now "use it or lose it"

John Webster, Chairman, Manx Business Connection

17 January 2014


MBC Overview

A quick overview of newsworthy events that are of interest to Manx business and community life.

Photo by Andy North, Isle of Man

Images in the MBC Overview are kindly supplied by local photographer Andy North.

Frequently Asked Question

What links does Isle of Man have with the European Union?

Although politically independent, IOM is heavily influenced by its large, close trading partner, the UK:

  • IOM is not a member of the EU
  • IOM/EU relationship is governed by Article 227(5)© of the Treaty of Rome and by Protocol 3 to the UK’s Act of Accession
  • In essence, IOM has an association with the EU solely for Customs purposes, the free movement of goods and common agricultural policy

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